Friday, February 19, 2010

Ronny Balhorn

I took this photo one night on a beach in Malaysia,Lit by fire light only, I balanced my camera on a couple of pillows set it to a long exposure of about 30 seconds, and asked Ronny to sit very still.

Taken - 1993

Same night, same deal
One of my favorite shots
My walking boots & diary, I love taking photos of shoes, they seem to have a real soul ....ha ha

Duck Men

Jeff & I rode our bikes out into the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Out in the fields these two guys rode up on bikes with bunches of live ducks hanging from the handle bars.

I love the depth of field in this.

Taken on my Minolta 9000 - film camera

Taken just down the road from Khe Sanh. I did ask her permision for this photo & she look right into my soul.....
This was a very powerful moment for me.

Again I love the depth of field in this. I miss my old camera

I used my very best Vietnamese to tell this lady she was beautiful,
I think the word was sắc đep
This was her laughing at me, The people in this fish market were fantastic.

I really like the movement in this shot!

Hoi An - 1993

Taken on my Minolta 9000 - film camera

Jeff didn't say a word through this & at the end he paid the guy with
everyone standing round watching.
When we walked away he very calmly said "Is my face bleeding?"
The razor being very blunt he thought his face was being ripped apart-there was not a scratch...

I just love the people in the background in this shot & the light on Jeff's face

My haircut was much more pleasant, The man before me said he'd tell the barber what I wanted if we would come and visit his school.....
I definitely got the better end of the deal. The school was an awesome experience.

Taken at Hue - Vietnam

Fishing village on a small island off Da Nang

Taken on my Minolta 9000 - film camera

Ilford B&W Film

This was in a bank in Nha Trang both of us were floored at how much money was just sitting on the table here. Even in Vietnam this was a lot of money.

Taken on my Minolta 9000 - film camera

Ilford B&W Film

These photos where taken in New Zealand
about 12 years ago on my old film camera.
I love these big daggy orange coats we borrow from mum & dad
& I still have that funny hat....

Milford Sound

I tried to recreate a photo I had seen.
It was not quite the same but I still love it Pierre looks so happy. Being the fish he is.

Taken in 2004 - film camera