100 things about me

1oo Things about me(work in progress)

1. I love to take photo's & look at photo's
2. I would love to call myself a photographer but don't
3. I paint but would not call myself an artist
4. I love my husband Pierre
5. I love movies but I have to watch till the end (a lot of late nights)
6. Both my kids love my bed more than theirs
7. I have a soft spot for animals (but not dogs)
8. We have 2 rabbits, a hermit crab & fish
9. I also feed the lorikets & possums
10. I can't spell very well
11. I like being in my 30's I feel empowered
12. I only want true friends in my life
13. I love to watch my kids sleep
14. I didn't like my face but I'm getting used to it now
15. I'm a perfectionist who isn't perfect at anything
16. I want to be an interior designer
17. I'm not a very good house keeper
18. I'm a night owl
19. I love chocolate & will eat it any time of the day
20. I have lost 18kg & have 2 more to go
21. My dad died 2 years ago & it broke my heart
22. I miss my dad every day
23. I need to do something creative all the time
24. My friend are very important to me
25. I miss traveling
26. I want to go back to Nepal one day
27. I love my rabbits
28. I spend to much time on the computer
29. I need to get a job soon???????
30. I love driving( a car)
31. Not doing so well losing the last 2 kg
32. I need to exercise but I'm a bit lazy
33.I love to travel to interesting places
34. I miss doing this since having the kids
35.I can speak a bit of German
37.I have been to :
42.New Zealand
50.I have blue eyes that I like now I'm grown up!
51.I always try to be kind to people
52.I'm not always kind enough to my husband, will get better
53.I love looking out at the view from my computer
54.Not so keen on very hot day's 35 deg or more
55.It bothers me I find it hard to write stuff about myself!
56.I love to move the furniture all the time.
57.I took a big risk & started a business
58.I can have a successful party
59.I like to be inside in winter
60.I hate getting the kids off to school
61.I've found I can be creative in my own right
62.I love toast (don't eat it much anymore)
63. I suck at spelling

To Be Continued............

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